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The Diablo 3 Gold Guide

The Diablo 3 Gold Guide is promoted on this site as an affiliate link. That means if you follow the link and decide to buy it I get some money.

Why would you buy it?

Marcko's Gold Guide contains a lot of good practical advice about making money in Diablo 3. It is mainly about playing the Auction House although all aspects of making money and just general gameplay are covered in the private forum you will gain access to. It includes podcasts and videos.

The forum is a vibrant lively place full of bright people with good ideas. What's more you can ask anything you like and the people involved will try to help you. If you find you're struggling to develop an effective auction house strategy it will really help you.

It's not really for people who have no intention of playing the auction house. It won't magically rain down gold and legendaries. What it will do is help you develop and refine new strategies to be more effective when you play the auction house.

I really like bouncing ideas off people there. Not all my ideas are good ones but it's nice to discuss what might work and what won't. Also a number of times half-formed thoughts I have had have been refined into something I'm really excited about.

I think this is a really good deal and if you're an active D3 player who is interested in the auction house you are very likely to at least cover your costs and then some. And, who knows?, maybe if you have the natural talent already this will take you to the next level and let you live the dream of playing Diablo all day every day and never having to get a proper job.

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