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Friday, 27 April 2012

Gold Find radius

I'd like to talk about one of my favourite mods - gold find radius.

So what does it do?

Well when you play Diablo 3 you passively collect gold and health globes just by walking over them. However you have to walk exactly over them and it can be quite fiddly. I've killed a monster, begun to run forward, noticed that he dropped gold, gone back for it and turned around, notice that I missed the gold pile, gone back again to pick it up.

Time is money, friend.

I'll confess something now. I'm something of a completionist and a pack rat. I hate leaving stuff even if collecting it is sub-optimal. And in any event I'd argue that passively collecting gold is certainly not sub-optimal.

For there's a nifty little affix that helps a lot. And it helps more the more you have of it.

At 0 gold find radius you will inevitably miss a lot of gold stacks and sometimes even when you go back for them you'll try to run over them and miss. Your base pickup radius is really narrow.

At 2-4 yards gold find radius you pick up quite a lot passively and only very rarely miss if you go back for gold you miss. However if you kill a mob and immediately move forward you can get out of range before the gold hits the deck which is annoying for melee range characters.

At 6-8 yard gold find radius it's unusual to even see gold drop - it perpetually gets absorbed into your wallet without any effort on your part.

Gold find radius also boosts 2 Witch Doctor passives, crediting you as monsters are killed. That's very useful if monsters will be killed some distance from you which is quite likely at higher levels where you may be at long range while minions tank. It's also useful in a party as group members inevitably spread out.

There's one downside to increasing gold find radius - it's not always best to pick up health globes. If you have a large gold find radius you automatically consume all the globes immediately where with a smaller radius you could leave them until you need them. However that's an extra level of micromanagement, there's a case to be made for passively consuming all, especially if the content is relatively easy.

I recommend non-Witch Doctors get about 6 yard gold find radius.

I recommend Witch Doctors with the Grave Injustice or Circle of Life passives get as much as possible.


  1. This will be a necessity for sure. I was just thinking about this last night in fact. I decided to play some more beta before it ends officially. I was playing DH and I noticed that I would sometimes miss gold pickups even when I was intentionally trying to click close to the pile for a pickup. This would cause me to have to make another pass at the gold pile...very annoying. Also, if you click too close then you end up picking up white items that you dont want.

    Later, I switched to a barb and I just started wearing the gear that I found as I played. A few items had +2 to gold pickup on it, so before I knew it I had +6 radius. The difference was uncanny, the game was so much less annoying to play, I only had to run slightly in the general direction of the gold and then I could focus on the next pack of mobs.

    It is a highly underrated mod imo.

  2. Yup, your options are waste time, skip picking up gold, or get some GFR. I don't like either of the first two.

    I imagine a great many people will default to option one.