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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Beta's back up!

After being down most of the weekend the D3 Beta is back up. On the log in screen it warns that service may be intermittent.

I do feel for the people at Blizzard, some of them won't have got much sleep in the last 48 hours.

Apologies too to all those who haven't yet got a Beta key. I'll start keeping an eye open for any contests and I'll post them here when I see them.

Now excuse me - I've zombies to kill!


  1. There's some info about the MF buff for killing elites in new patch. Supposedly it gets removed from the player if they alternate skills. This will force players to use more balanced builds or sacrifice their MF.

    I no longer have access to my friend's account to play the beta so I can't test it out yet.

  2. There's some doubt as to whether this is working in this latest build.

    The problem with MF is it's very difficult to test. Especially if it's just a bonus applied to the end Boss.

    If he drops 2 blues is the 0.01% chance of one of them being a yellow buffed to a 0.0135% chance or not?

    You could do a thousand runs without collecting sufficient data.

    On the other hand full clears are fun and it might be working :)