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Monday, 19 March 2012

Soul Harvest: it's awesome

The Witch Doctor is great fun to play in Patch 15.

This was my first impression:

Level 1 Poison Dart, Level 2 Grasp, OK nothing new.

Level 3 Corpse Spiders. And you can spam it so much - your blue ball barely moves while spamming it. On mobs like Mira, the Blacksmith's wife you have about 20 spiders there waiting as she turns into a zombie, she got devoured!

Then Level 5 Firebats. Kills the mana but whoo hoo, running about with your own personal flamethrower is fantastic.

Level 6 now, nearly 7 and the server's just fallen over again. I'll go to sleep happy and dream of creepy-crawlies. 

I've now got to level 12 and oh my, is Soul Harvest good or what? 

This is my stats page without Soul Harvest. 28.18 dps (all my spells are based off that).

 So what happens with one click of the Soul Harvest button? This happens - 60.76 dps

OK, big numbers but does it actually kick butt in practice? Hell yes!

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