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Thursday, 15 March 2012


There's still a few glitches in the game.

Notice how the top rare ring has the exact same stats as the bottom rare ring? That's because it is the same ring. I accidentally duped it.

I reported the bug in detail so I'm sure it will be fixed before release. (And before anyone asks - no, I won't tell you the method!)


  1. Were you trying to dupe it, to see if it could be done? I hope this doesn't become a problem. I would really hate for duping to ruin this game like it ruined D2. I always wondered how they did it. I remember in D1 it was so easy to dupe things.

    The other possibility is that you found 2 rare rings with the same exact stats. The chances of that happening are far too remote though.

  2. Good lord no, it was a complete accident.

    There is no possibility that I found 2 rares, it was definitely an (unintended) dupe. I'm pretty confident they will be able to fix it easily and it's not a sign that the game will be ruined because of some technical reasons I'm not able to go into without handing out clues to the malevolent.