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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Collector's Edition selling out fast

Fans are beginning to complain that they can't buy the Diablo 3 collectors edition. One fan reported his attempt to buy a copy from failing.

And on the Blizzard official forums Bashiok was asked why Gamestop couldn't sell any more and replied:

There are a limited number of Collector's Editions produced, which is what makes them a collector's edition (aside from all the extra goodies). Actually for the Diablo II CE we numbered each box.

We have an idea of how many we'll be producing, and inform retailers of how many they'll be receiving. Once they sell out of their allotment, that's probably it. Now, there are some retailers that don't take pre-orders, people won't pick up their pre-orders, or others that simply don't take pre-orders on their full allotment, so all hope is not lost.

I wish you luck in finding one! 

This game is going to be huge. It will be bigger than WoW!

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